Making the best of things

With Fall events being cancelled, I've been using this valuable time to polish the inner workings of De Novo. Looking at every aspect, not only the company, but myself & things that have long been ignored for lack of time. It's been nice to examine the details and really evaluate what is working and what is not. 

I always have a backlog of designs that are 80% finished, then get put down for the last half of the year. This year, not only have I been able to finish many of those but also design and start new pieces.

It's a trying and hard time, no doubt. Focusing on renewal is helping me a lot. That's the only thing I can take charge of. 

Look for more raincoats and blazers releasing monthly. These are year-round styles to balance out the collection. Also more winter coats, of course, because who doesn't love a good coat!


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