About the De Novo Studio

Feel beautiful, radiate confidence, and stand out from the ordinary. If these are things you like, then you will love wearing De Novo coats.

Using 20 years of tailoring and sewing experience, Elizabeth Holliday creates patterns for each original design, then meticulously refines how each piece fits. Designs are crafted in luxury fabrics special ordered from Italy and Japan, or sometimes leftover fabrics from well known, top designer houses around the world.

The De Novo label is known for precise craftmanship, high-end fabrics, and incredible fit that feels custom-tailored. Limited release collections are available online, at select boutiques, and at in person events around the US.

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How to Order Your Coat

Many sizes are ready and can be shipped immediately. Sizes not currently in-stock, "Request this size" will appear on the button. Clicking there, you are able to send a request for an order in that size.

Sizes 0 and 16 are available to special order in some styles. Please contact me to inquire about ordering either size.

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