Artisan process


Original designs are sketched, draped on a dress form, or created through pattern manipulation. Because we work with many customers in-person, we can hone in on what's working and what's not in our new pieces. The goal is to create a flattering fit, while also considering function and comfort.

Artisan process


Design ideas are translated to 2D and drafted as a master pattern. This is the intensely mathematical rule following/rule breaking fun of designing, which could take months of refining to finish.

Artisan process

Fitting a garment

Every design is meticulously fit, meaning a sample is made from the pattern, adjustments are marked then transferred to the master pattern. This might be done over 10 times to get the best fitting piece. The pattern is then translated into different sizes.

De Novo does small batch production and Made-to-order pieces, proudly made in the USA by a small team of highly skilled seamstresses using high-end fabrics, sewing techniques, and finishes.

Artisan process

Working with you

The beauty of working directly with our customers is that we receive valuable feedback regarding fit and comfort. Seeing our designs on bodies of all shapes and sizes gives us valuable insight where changes can be made to existing designs or new ideas born.

Being customer focused, we also offer made-to-order pieces with custom fit adjustments. Contact if you'd like a customized piece!