Fall is around the corner


Bye Bye Summer...

It's hard to believe summer is winding down, and the kids are back in school. One thing I did realize this summer when my kids were visiting Grandma for 2 weeks: my pre-kid brain abilities still exist! This was exciting because many times I thought my mind must be slipping and I just couldn't handle things like I used to. Well, being kid-free for a block of time showed me that wasn't true! I was remembering to do things (on time, when they actually needed to happen). I was able to clearly focus on business planning and make progress. Projects that were ¾ done were finished. The list goes on. I really love and missed my kids, but it was really inspiring to know that I am not “losing it”!

As for De Novo progress, here it goes...this fall:

I am excited to bring more fabric choices and colors to newly introduced and staple styles. Think Navy, Stone, and Scarlet. Also new gorgeous textured alpaca & merino blends.

RAINCOATS! Yes, I've been threatening to do these for years. They are here in amazing Japanese nylon. I so love this fabric.

I have super high-end, pure Camel Hair fabric in the classic camel color and black. It is such beautiful fabric. Looks and feels so amazing.

Also high priority was finding non-wool outerwear fabrics (that I actually like). Well ladies, this year I have several...and they are super nice. Some are synthetics and some are cotton. I'm so excited to provide a stylish option for those who can't wear wool.

Also, I've added more events in new cities, so check out Events in the main menu.

Website updates should be done mid-September, but honestly I add things weekly so check back often!



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